At A Glance

Brand new and eagerly awaited from F-One for 2018 is the WTF!? V1. A true C kite, the WTF!? is for non compromising freestyle riders who demand only the best pop, slack and control from their kite.

The WTF!? or, Win The Freestyle, is five strut, high aspect ratio kite. Direct back, front and 5th line attachments keep everything simple and precise. The WTF!? uses F-Ones new Reactor Valve combined with a one pump system for speedy inflation and deflation.

There have been a few key changes to the construction used by F-One in their kites for 2018. This means stronger, more aerodynamic kites which last longer and perform better. Panels on the canopy are now glued and sewn, and the trailing edge has changed from Dacron to double layered Ripstop which disperses tension bringing new gains in stability and performance