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F-ONE HYDROFOIL Deep KF-Plate Adapter

F-ONE HYDROFOIL Deep KF-Plate Adapter

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$299.00 AUD

F-ONE HYDROFOIL Deep KF-Plate Adapter

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F-ONE HYDROFOIL Deep KF-Plate Adapter​


6x M6-25mm tapered head screws (A4 - T30 torx) + 4x T-nuts (A4) (+ 2x M6-25mm Spares)​


F-ONE offers a range of adapters to convert the various foil head standards to a top plate geometry which enables to connect the foils onto any board fitted with a Twin Track system. These adapters are fitted and fasten onto the Tuttle, KF or DKF head of the foil using two screws. They come standard with the stainless-steel hardware (bolts and nuts) to connect with the board via the two bottom tracks.


The hardware needed to fasten the adapter onto the foil is specific to each brand and model and can therefore not be supplied. The F-ONE adapters are machined of of solid blocks of 6061 aluminium. The Deep Tuttle adapter can accept any shape (inclined or flat) and depth of Tuttle head, with a maximum depth of 60mm.

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