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Proteus Distribution PTY LTD


Proteus Distribution PTY LTD is the exclusive Australian distributor for F-ONE Kiteboarding, Hydrofoiling and Stand Up Paddling brands as well as MANERA Accessories.

Please refer to the F-ONE History below for additional details about the brands.

Top quality products and exceptional customer service is what we have to offer! The friendly team at Proteus Distribution is driven by our passion for these exciting and progressive sports. Conditions permitting, the team is out there. It’s part of our lifestyle. The versatility of the F-ONE/MANERA product range certainly satisfies everyone’s skill levels.

At Proteus Distribution, we strive to provide our clients with superior customer service by;
- introducing you to the high quality products that the well-established F-ONE/MANERA brands have to offer;
- informing you about the F-ONE/MANERA collection;
- advising you on the right F-ONE/MANERA products for your clientele;
- providing you support so you can succeed at retailing the F-ONE/MANERA brands; and 
- helping you organise shop events, demo days, contests, etc., to promote our exceptional products.
Our new business structure operates on a web-based, real-time stock platform with ample inventory making for easy ordering of equipment for shops/schools as well as for direct purchase of spare parts (shops/schools and their customers). 

F-ONE is a French company specialising in kiteboarding and stand-up paddle board equipment.
Founded in 1994 by Raphaël Salles, the company has grown exponentially and continues to innovate, year after year. An original kiteboarding pioneer in France, Raphaël had established a kiteboarding line by 1999 that was immediately world acclaimed. In 2011, F-ONE diversified as a company and launched its outstanding collection of Stand Up Paddle boards and paddles.
F-ONE’s strength in research and development lays in its ability to be in direct contact with the people in the field; welcoming crucial feedback from locals, pro-riders, schools, retailers, and distributors. By doing so, F-ONE can anticipate the upcoming trends and develop a range of equipment characterized by constant innovation, safety, comfort, power, and manoeuvrability. F-ONE’s mission is to meet and exceed the expectations of all those passionate about water sports.

F-ONE wouldn’t be complete without its MANERA accessories brand. High quality materials, as well as innovative and stylish designs best describe the MANERA collection that aims at satisfying the lifestyle of any water sports fanatic. The MANERA product range includes harnesses, leashes, wetsuits/impact vests, boardbags/covers, wax, and apparel. 

There is more to the F-ONE and MANERA brands than one might think. Driven by passion, the incredible product range on offer is designed to enhance the exhilarating feeling you get before, during, and after each session. The F-ONE and MANERA products are built to last and take you on an unforgettable adventure.




On and off the water, it is all about the experience!


From Freestyle to Foil riding
Women and men
From beginners to advanced
Groms and experienced
Specialized and all rounders
From amateurs to pros
Kiteboarders and SUP riders…


Whatever we ride, whoever we are, we all share the same emotions and love for watersports!
Since 1994, we work very hard – not only to produce the most advanced technical products –
but also to create the most enjoyable gear that will allow us and all our riders to feel the thrill of riding.


When you choose F-ONE you aren’t just choosing a brand or a particular product,
you are choosing One Family, One Philosophy and One Feeling.


We strive to be the best in everything we do,
we come together for One Culture,
we are F-ONE.





R&D is at the very core of everything we do at F-ONE,
since the very beginning we have always strived to have the best products on the market.
In order to achieve that goal, we have to continually innovate and build equipment that meets up to our exceedingly high standards.


We are all riders, and we all want to be using the best gear.


Everything we create is developed in-house, from the very first ideas to the designs and prototypes right up to the finished product in your hands.

We have an incredible team of designers and testers who help us achieve what we do.
F-ONE not only innovates; we are also always patenting our ideas to protect our intellectual property and to ensure other brands can’t copy the direction we are headed.


F-ONE products are only available from the ONE Team;
meet the crew who make it happen.